Project Description

Psychological assessment is used in therapy to get a better understanding of the client, based on their reason for referral.
The psychological assessment process involves a detailed clinical interview with standardized and projective measures to create a holistic view of the client to arrive at results that could aid and guide further treatment.

Psychological assessment therefore gives the therapist a more detailed picture of the client’s behaviours, personality and capabilities and not only highlights the individual’s weaknesses but their strengths, which are used in the therapy process to bring about change and guide the client within their occupational, scholastic, interpersonal or diagnostic functioning.

It is especially used in the following areas:

Scholastic :

To assist in school related functioning such as subject choice, career choice, identifying ADHD and other developmental disorders that could affect school performance.

Therapy and Personal Growth :

Assisting with making diagnosis; identifying personality style, emotional regulation and cognitive functioning to aid the direction of the therapy process.

Psycho-legal Assessment :

Psycho-legal assessment involves the process of conducting psychological measures with the aim of compiling a report that could be used for legal matters. The focus of psycho-legal work is not to guide the treatment process for change but rather to gain a psychological understanding of the client’s functioning at present or at a certain point in time.

Neuropsychology :

Neuropsychological assessment aims to identify brain related difficulties sustained through brain injury or illness, and then use that information to assist the client and their family to adjust to their new level of functioning.